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Def.: te (meyitenged te seled wey ke tahù)
MS: te
If someone or something is in a place, the walls or sides of the place are around them.
What is in that bag?
Nekey ka due te baag [ba͡ag]?

Def.: te (meyitenged te lugar)
MS: te
If someone is in a place such as a city or a country, that is the place where they are.
She works in Davao.
Egtrabahu sikandin diyè te Dabaw.

Def.: sitwasyun ne sasangan ne egkeyitabù
MS: sitwasyun ne sasangan ne egkeyitabù
If you are in a particular state or situation that is state or situation now.
She's in pain.
Egkasakitan sikandin.
She's in trouble.
Egkalibeg sikandin.

Def.: labet; apil te; mimbru te
MS: labet; apil te; mimbru te
If someone or something is in a group, they are a member of that group.
He is in the basketball team.
Apil sikandin te egmambubula ne grupu.

Def.: kayi te; seeyè se
MS: kayi te; seeyè se
If something happens in a particular week, month, season or year, that is when it happens.
My birthday is in January.
Ka aldew ne neetawan ku su kayi te Iniru.
My birthday was in January.
Ka aldew ne neetawan ku seeyè se Eniru.

Def.: te (meyitenged te nateil timpu te pegkeyitabù)
MS: te
If something is done in a particular period of time, that is the amount of time that it takes.
He finished the test in thirty minutes.
Nekeimpus sikandin te tis din te tatelun pulù ne minutus.

Def.: pegkeimpus te; pegkapenga te
MS: pegkeimpus te; pegkapenga te
If something will happen in a number of minutes, days, years, etc. in the future, it will happen after that number of minutes, days, years, etc.
Wait here, because he'll be home in five minutes.
Tahad ka kayi, su kayid e kuntee sikandin pegkeimpus te lalimman minutus.

Def.: mabantug
MS: mabantug
If a particular style is in, it is fashionable or popular.
Faded jeans are in at the moment.
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Last updated: 14/Jan/2013