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det, pron.
Def.: kasuluhan; masalig; masulug
MS: kasuluhan; masalig; masulug
You use many with a count noun to talk about a large number.
I don't have many books.
Warè amana kasuluhan te libru ku.
Many of my friends can play the guitar.
Irreg.  more, most.
many more
Def.: subla
MS: subla
You use many more when you are comparing numbers of things, to say that there is a big difference in number.
There are many more mangoes on the tree now than before.
Subla ne masulug ka behas te mangga kuntee kunterè te dengan.

how many
Def.: pilaa (eg-insè te kasalig)
MS: pilaa
You use the question how many to ask about the number of things.
How many brothers do you have?
Pilaa ka suled nu?
Sem.Dom.: determiners

too many
Def.: amana egkasublaan [egkasubla͡an]
MS: egkasublaan
You use too many if there are more things than there should be, so there is a problem.
There are too many people on that motorbike, so it's dangerous.
Amana ne masalig ka etew ne nanguntud te mutur, sikak dilikadu.
Sem.Dom.: GSL0076-0100
Status: ready

Last updated: 28/Sep/2012