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Def.: kamenu katikang wey karakel ka minsan nekey; palinneu (meyitenged te neumaan [neuma͡an] te minsan nekey iling te weyig)
MS: kamenu katikang wey karakel; palinneu
a level is how high or how much something is
Our village is high above sea level, so it gets quite cold sometimes.
The table is only at knee-level.
He has a very high-level job in the company.
There are high levels of sugar in their diet.
I got to level 2 in that game on my cellphone.

Def.: nekegseked; nekeg-iling
MS: nekegseked; nekeg-iling
If two things are level with one another, they are as high as each other (the same height), or as much as each other.
The two team's scores are level: it's 20 all.
The two runners are now level, and I'm not sure who's going to win.

Def.: mapatag; malumapayag
MS: mapatag; malumapayag
A level surface is flat
Make sure that the plate is level when you put food on it, or the food will fall off!
Sigurua nu ne ka platu malumpayag ke egtahuan nu te keenen seini, wey ke egkeulaan seini.

Def.: eglapey; egpeled
MS: eglapey; egpeled
If something levels another thing such as a building, it completely destroys it, so that it is not standing.
The typhoon levelled many buildings.
Sem.Dom.: GSL0351-0375
Status: ready

Last updated: 18/Jan/2012