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Def.: te (meyitenged te lugar); diyè te; due te; sika te
MS: te; diyè te; due te; sika te
If you are at a place (e.g., school, a shop), that is the place where you are.
I stayed at my friend's house last night.
Diya a te baley te alukuy ku te miglihad ne marusilem.

Def.: te (meyitenged te uras wey aldew)
MS: te
If something happens at a particular time (e.g. 7pm, lunch-time, Fiesta), that is the time when it happens.
School starts at 7:15am.
Ka peg-iskuyla egbunsud te alas siti kinsi te maselem.

Def.: te (meyitenged te kanekal wey ke keemen [ke͡emen])
MS: te
If something happens or moves at a particular rate or speed (e.g. kilometers per hour), that is how fast it is happening or moving.
When he crashed, he was driving at 70km per hour.
Te nabalintuad sikandin, migpapallahuy sikandin te terak te pitun pulù ne kilumitru tagsè uras.
Sem.Dom.: prepositions; GSL0001-0025
Status: ready

Last updated: 04/Apr/2013