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Def.: nateil
MS: nateil
If you talk about a particular person or thing, you are talking about that person or thing and not others.
There is one particular person who always helps me with my work.
Due nateil ne etew ne layun egbulig te himu ku.
She spoke to the whole group, but I know she meant the message for one particular person.

Def.: nateil
MS: nateil
You use particular to say that something is special or more than usual.
Lack of rain is a particular problem there.
Kakulangen te uran ka nateil ne prublima diyè.

Def.: mapahetpet te nateil ne pamaahi
MS: mapahetpet te nateil ne pamaahi
If someone is particular about something, they like things to be exactly a certain way.
She is very particular about being clean, and washes her hands often.
Amana sikandin ne mapahetpet meyitenged te pegkamalinis, wey malasi egpanlulu sikandin te me belad din.
Sem.Dom.: GSL0326-0350

Def.: me kanengnengan
MS: me kanengnengan
pieces of information about something.
She just said that she was sick, but she didn't give any particulars.
Migkahi sikandin te egderalu rin, piru warè iya mignangen sikandin te minsan nekey te kanengnengan.
Sem.Dom.: plural nouns
Status: ready

Last updated: 14/Jan/2013