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Def.: eggen-gen; egsapipi
MS: eggen-gen; egsapipi
If you hold something, you keep it in your hands or arms.
Could you please hold my cup for me while I open the door?

Def.: egkatahuan; egpakahen-gen; egkaseleran; egpekeeleg
MS: egkatahuan; egpakahen-gen; egkaseleran; egpekeeleg
If something holds another thing, you can put that other thing on it or in it.
That small strap won't hold your heavy bag, it will break.
Ka sika ne hiket kenè egpekeeleg te baag [ba͡ag] nu, egkabugtus sika.
This bottle holds 500mL of water.
Ka seini ne butilya egkatahuan te lalimma ne gatus ne miligram ne weyig.
This room holds 100 people.
Ka seini ne sinabeng egkaseleran te mahatus ne etew.

Def.: warad egdereetan; warad egbuangan; warad egpesaan
MS: warad egdereetan; warad egbuangan; warad egpesaan
If something holds, it doesn't break.
I repaired the pipe with rubber, and it is holding.
The peace treaty between the groups has held for two months.

Def.: pegbeye-beyè (meyitenged te pegkeetew)
MS: pegbeye-beyè
If someone or something has a hold over you, they control you in some way.
Unfortunately drugs have gained a hold over him.

Def.: eggen-gen (meyitenged te katenged wey ke himu)
MS: eggen-gen
If you hold a particular position or job, that is your position or job.
She has held the position of committee secretary for three years.
Miggen-gen sikandin te katenged ne kumiti te sikritari te tatelu ne tuig.

Def.: egpeyitabù (meyitenged te gimuwen); egpeyigayun
MS: egpeyitabù; egpeyigayun
If you hold an event such as a meeting, you organize or host the event.
The Olympic Games are held every four years.
Ka Olimpik ne Galew egkeyitabù te tagsè hep-at ne tuig .
Irreg.  held, held.
Sem.Dom.: GSL0151-0175
Status: ready

Last updated: 20/Sep/2012