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Def.: egkuen wey ke egdawat te igbehey
MS: egkuen; egdawat
If you accept something which a person wants to give you, you agree to take it.
I tried to pay her, but she would not accept the money.

Def.: egkabennalan; egkarawat
MS: egkabennalan; egkarawat
If you accept something, you agree that it is true or okay.
In some countries, the practice of nose-piercing is accepted by many people.
Diyè te duma ne me nasud, ka himuwen dan ne egsisingan ka irung su egkadawat e te kasuluhan ne etew.
My father accepted my decision to study art.

Def.: eg-angken
MS: eg-angken
If you accept that something bad is true, you say that it is true, even though it is difficult to say.
I accept that I made a mistake when I did that.
Eg-angken a ne naseyyup a te peggimu ku due.

Def.: Egpakasabut ka te minsan nekey ne mareet ne malehet iya seini ne kenè nu egkabalbalawan, wey eggeraman nu iya te eg-ugpè seini.
MS: egpakasabut
If you accept that something bad is true, you understand that you can't change it, and try to live with it.
She finally accepted that she would not see her friend for a long time.
Nakarawat e sikandin ne kenè din egkakita ka alukuy rin te mananey ne timpu.

Def.: egtuhutan; egdumeen [egdume͡en]; eg-apilen
MS: egtuhutan; egdumeen; eg-apilen
If an organization or group accepts you, they allow you to join them.
He was accepted by the University of Mindanao to study nursing.
Migtuhutan sikandin te Unibirsidad te Mindanao ne eg-iskuyla te narsing.
The lonely boy wants to be accepted by the others at school.
Ka lukes ne batè ne egkalangè egkeupian ne eg-apilen te lein ne me batè diyè te me iskuylaan [iskuyla͡an].
Sem.Dom.: GSL0501-0525

n-uc, n-ct.
Def.: 1 pegkuen wey ke pegdawat te igbehey; 2 pegkabennali; pegkarawat 3 peg-angken; 4 pegpakarawat; 5 pegtuhut; peg-apil
MS: pegkuwa te igbehey; pegdawat te igbehey; pegkabennali; peg-angken; pegpakarawat; pegtuhut; peg-apil
the action of accepting something.
Status: ready

Last updated: 03/Oct/2012