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n-ct, n-uc.
Def.: himu; weil
MS: himu; weil
something that a person or thing does.
His unwise actions caused the accident.
Suddenly, there was a lot of action in the house.
That chemical has a corrosive action.
n-uc, n-ct.

Def.: iggendiyè te kurti (eggamit te balaud)
MS: iggendiyè te kurti
If you take legal action against someone, you use the law courts to make them pay or do something.
They took action against the company because of its illegal activities.
Innendiyè dan te kurti ka kumpanya tenged te mareet ne eg-ul-uleen [eg-ul-ule͡en].
Sem.Dom.: GSL0276-0300
Status: ready

Last updated: 17/Jan/2012