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adj, adv.
Def.: neebukan
MS: neebukan
If a light or something that was burning is out, it is not shining or burning any more.
It's dark because all the lights are out.
Marusilem su ka langun ne sulù neebukan.
He put the fire out with some water.
adj, adv.

Def.: nabukalkalan; natahaan [nataha͡an]; nanengnengan
MS: nabukalkalan; natahaan; nanengnengan
If something such as news or a secret is out, it is public, so people know about it.
His secret is out.
Nabukalkalan ka hineles din.
adj, adv.

Def.: nakalihawang wey ke nekeyinguma ne egkaayun e ne egbeliyen (iling te magasin).
If something such as a magazine or CD is out, it has arrived in shops so that people can buy it.
That movie will come out on DVD in December.
Ka sika ne salida egpakalihawang te DVD kayi te Disimbri.
adj, adv.

Def.: kulang wey ke nalaahan (meyitenged te pegseel)
MS: kulang; nalaahan
If a number or quantity is out by a certain amount, it is not correct.
My counting was out by 4.
Sem.Dom.: GSL0026-0050
Status: ready

Last updated: 14/Jul/2012