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Def.: egsumsumanen
MS: egsumsumanen
If you think, you use your brain to understand or decide something.
I can't answer you yet because I need to think.
Kenè e pad egpakatabak keykew su egsumsumanen ku pad.

Def.: egkasuman-suman
MS: egkasuman-suman
If you think about something, that thing is in your mind for some time.
I think about you a lot.
Layun ku egkasuman-suman sikeykew.
What are you thinking about?

Def.: sahuhunè ne egkasuman-suman; egpakalambag te suman-suman
MS: sahuhunè ne egkasuman-suman; egpakalambag te suman-suman
If you think of something, it suddenly comes into your mind.
I suddenly thought of his name.
Sahuhunè ne nakalambag te suman-suman ku ka ngaran din.
I can't think of an answer to your question.
Kena a egpakasuman-suman te igtabak ku te insè nu.

Def.: egpalintutuu
MS: egpalintutuu
If you think that something is the case, it is your opinion.
I think that it's important to work hard.

Def.: hendue te
MS: hendue te
If you think that something is a fact, you believe it is a fact, but you are not sure if you are correct.
I can't remember exactly, but I think he said that he was going there tomorrow.
Kenè ku egkasuman-suman egkaay-ayari, piru hendue te migkahi sikandin te eggendue kaaselem.
Irreg.  thought, thought.
Sem.Dom.: GSL0076-0100
Status: ready

Last updated: 21/Sep/2012