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Pron.: li:
a certain medicine to avoid misfurtune or incantation
Ipakeen nu sika te batè su lii sika eyew kenè daluwen.
Give that to the child to take because that is a medicine to be not sickly.
Eng. medicine; words (incantation)
Online dict status: -
Usage level: M
Data Qual: Is this really the root – if so it only has THREE letters instead of the usual minimum of four! RJH
Data Qual: QDL yeah im sure that this is the root of this word

for someone (eglilii, eglili:, miglilii, miglili:/inlilii, inlili:, lilii, lili:, agent, eg><ø-rdpCV-) to conform to tradition by not doing certain things, e.g., for a pregnant woman to not eat anything red (the color of blood) (egliiyan, egli:yan, migliiyan, migli:yan/inliiyan, inli:yan/pigliiyan, pigli:yan, location, eg><an-rdpCV-)
An-anayan e pad nekeutel te babuy. Kenè e pad egpamehey su eglilii e pad.
It is my first time to caught wild pig, so I will not yet let to share it by someone.
Lilii kew keg anak kew su egkabehang ka me anak niyu.
Don't eat anything when you are pregnant so thay your child will not be sickly.
Eng. conform; tradition; customs
Online dict status: -
Usage level: R
for someone (egkalii, egkali:, nalii, nali:, actor, egkA><ø-) to have something unfortunate happen because of going against the traditions, e.g., not being able to catch any more wild pigs because gave away meat from the very first catch.
Eng. bad luck
Online dict status: -
Usage level: R
for someone (egpamalii, egpamali:, migpamalii, migpamali:/impamalii, impamali:/pigpamalii, pigpamali:, agent, eg><ø-paN-) to confirm to certain beliefs, e.g., to not eat bananas from a plant which was blown down by the wind
Kenà a egkeen te sahing ne nakatapik te lunew su egpamalii su mahaan a egpatey.
I don't eat a banana fruit which is carried by the landslide because my life span will be shorten.
Eng. confirm; superstition
Online dict status: c
Usage level: R

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