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Def.: nakameupiya
MS: nakameupiya
something which helps a person or animal do something better than other people or animals.
He is very tall, so he is at a big advantage when he plays basketball.
Amana ne malangkew sikandin, sika ka nakameupiya te peggahalew rin te baskitbul.

Def.: egpakameupiya
MS: egpakameupiya
something which makes one thing better than another thing.
The advantage of travelling during the day is that you can look at the views.
Ka egpakameupiya te eggipanew te maaldew sika se egpakapanlangu-langu ka te memeupiya ne egkakita.
Sem.Dom.: GSL0926-0950

Def.: mabulig
MS: mabulig
if something is advantageous, it helps you to do something better than other people or animals.
It is advantageous for basketball players to be tall.
Mabulig te me manggalaway te baskitbul ka matangkawal.
Status: ready

Last updated: 17/Jan/2012