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a ring
Bulawan ka sising ku.
My ring is gold.
Wrd.Gloss: ring
Eng. ring
Tag. singsíng
Ceb. singsing
Ilo.: síngsing
Tigwanon: sising
Binukid: sising
WBM: sising
Obo: sising
Ilianen: sising
Cotabato Manobo: tising
Proto: sising
OCM: Ornament (301)
Online dict status: -
Usage level: B
for someone (egsisising, migsisising/insisising, agent, eg><ø-rdpCV-) to wear a ring
Egkeupian a ne egsisising te sising ku su bulawan.
I want to wear my ring because it's gold.
Eng. wear ring; ring, wear
Online dict status: -
Usage level: M

(panisingan, paN–an) a spirit; an angel
Wrd.Gloss: spirit
Cult. spirits that keep people from doing evil or from falling prey to evil, perhaps by convincing them of the consequences of wrongdoing, or by giving them the inclination to not do something that would have resulted in injury.
Eng. spirit; angel; Holy Spirit
Ceb. ispiritu
DDP: Soul, spirit (3.1)
Online dict status: -
Usage level: M

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