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vt, vi.
Def.: eggamiten ne seleppì eyew te pegbayad te minsan nekey
If you spend money on something, you use it to pay for that thing.
She spends a lot of money on bus travel.

Def.: egpakahamit te timpu
MS: egpakahamit te timpu
If you spend time doing something, you use time to do that thing.
They spent two weeks here.
Mig-uugpè siakandan te daruwa ne simana kayi.
I spend a lot of time cleaning and cooking.
Nakahamit a te dakel ne uras te pegpanlinis wey pegsusubba.
Irreg.  spent, spent.
Sem.Dom.: GSL0526-0550
Status: ready

Last updated: 20/Sep/2012