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we(excl); us(excl)
Wrd.Gloss: we(excl); us(excl)
Alas wey dus ka baraha ku gabii te migsusugal key.
Ace and two were my cards yesterday when we played cards.
Manama bulihan key nikuna, behayan key nikuna te pahalangin.
God help us and give us your blessing.
Eng. we excl (focus); us excl (focus)
Gramm. 1st person plural exclusive focus pronoun (Set I, brief form)
Tag. kamí
Ceb. kami
Binukid: kay
OCM: Grammar (193)
DDP: Pronouns (9.2.3)
Online dict status: -
Usage level: G

Updated by: RJH,QDL,NJK
Last updated: 31/Aug/2009

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