Proving Innocence I (When Accused of Theft)


TITLE Proving Innocence I (When Accused of Theft)

SPEAKER Mrs. Linda (Leyagan) Tanug

PLACE Panganan, Bukidnon

DATE May 21, 1990.

CASSETTE #MS3A6 Womens' Talk (three-quarters through)


INTERLINEARIZED March 1991 (RH) - Redone May91

GENRE Narrative

NOTE Recorded privately in my office

MU627001 001

   Spoken: Kuntee,   seinin     aldew,  pangguhud        a    te    batasan    
   Formal: Kuntee    seini  ne  aldew   pangguhud        a    te    batasan    
 Phonemic: kunte­e   se­ini#ne  ­aldew  pa¥gugud         ­a   te    batasan    
  Lexemes: kunte­e   se­ini#ne  ­aldew  paN- =gugud      ­a   te    batasan    
  Lex POS: adv       pron  #lnk n       v_aff=v_rt       pron cmk   n          
Lex Gloss: now/today this  #LNK sun/day DISTR=tell_story 1s_F NF    custom/law 
 Word POS: adv       pron  #lnk n       v                pron cmk   n          
Wrd Gloss: today     this  #-   day     tell_story       I    about custom/law 

   Spoken: ney        te  Matigsalug               mig-aprubaan        
   Formal: ney        te  Matigsalug               mig-aprubaan        
 Phonemic: ney        te  Matigsalug               mig­aprubaan        
  Lexemes: ney        te  Matigsalug               mig- =­apruba=-an   
  Lex POS: pron       cmk prop_n                   v_aff=v_rt   =v_aff 
Lex Gloss: 1pe_NF(II) NF  those_by_the_Salug_river P    =approve=LocF  
 Word POS: pron       cmk prop_n                   v                   
Wrd Gloss: ours(excl) of  Matigsalug               approved            

   Spoken: ni              Ilisardi. 
   Formal: ni              Ilisardi  
 Phonemic: ni              ­Ilisardi 
  Lexemes: ni              ­Ilisardi 
  Lex POS: cmk             prop_n    
Lex Gloss: NF(II)_PERS(sg) Ilisardi  
 Word POS: cmk             prop_n    
Wrd Gloss: of              Elisardi  

Now, this day, I am telling a story about our customs of the Matigsalug approved by Elisardi.

Today I will tell you about our Matigsalug customs approved by Elisardi.

Elisardi was a leader of the PANAMIN project in the MARCOS era.

MU627001 002

   Spoken: Ka  kanamin         batasan    meyitenged teg 
   Formal: Ka  kanami      ne  batasan    meyitenged te  
 Phonemic: ka2 kanami     #ne  batasan    meite¥ed   te  
  Lexemes: ka2 kanami     #ne  batasan    meite¥ed   te  
  Lex POS: cmk pron       #lnk n          conj       cmk 
Lex Gloss: F   1pe_NF(III)#LNK custom/law concerning NF  
 Word POS: cmk pron       #lnk n          conj       cmk 
Wrd Gloss: the we(excl)   #-   custom/law concerning -   

   Spoken: tihian.                     
   Formal: egtihian                    
 Phonemic: ­egtigi­an                  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =tigi­          =-an   
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt           =v_aff 
Lex Gloss: NP   =prove_innocence=LocF  
 Word POS: v                           
Wrd Gloss: prove_innocence             

Our custom concerning checking someone's guilt.

Our custom concerning checking someone's guilt.

MU627001 003

   Spoken: Kag titihi                       egkabayungan             ne  meyi ware, 
   Formal: ka  egtitihi                     egkabayungan             ne  meyi ware  
 Phonemic: ka2 ­egtitigi­                   ­egkabayu¥an             ne  mei­ wade­ 
  Lexemes: ka2 ­eg- =rdpCV-=tigi­           ­eg- =kA1- =bayu¥ =-an   ne  mei­ wade­ 
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff=v_aff =v_rt            v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff lnk conj adv   
Lex Gloss: F   NP   =-     =prove_innocence NP   =INVOL=accuse=LocF  LNK if   no    
 Word POS: cmk v                            v                        lnk conj adv   
Wrd Gloss: the prove_innocence              be_accused               -   if   no    

   Spoken: eggen-gen    te  putew. 
   Formal: eggen-gen    te  putew  
 Phonemic: ­eggengen    te  putew  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =gengen te  putew  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   cmk n      
Lex Gloss: NP   =hold   NF  metal  
 Word POS: v            cmk n      
Wrd Gloss: touch/hold   -   iron   

The one proving innocence, the one who is accused, if none, holds iron.

The one proving their innocence, that is the one who is accused, if he has done nothing, holds some iron.

MU627001 004

   Spoken: Egkuen        ka  putew - ew  - aney-aney    andu.  
   Formal: Egkuen        ka  putew - ew  - aney-aney    andu   
 Phonemic: ­egku­en      ka2 putew - ­ew - ­aney­aney   ­andu  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =ku­a=-N ka2 putew - ­ew - rdpRT-=­aney ­andu  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt=– cmk n     - ?   - v_aff =adv   n      
Lex Gloss: NP   =take=– F   metal - um  - INT   =first pestle 
 Word POS: v             cmk n     - ?   - adv          n      
Wrd Gloss: take          the iron  - um  - firstly      pestle 

Take the iron - oh, firstly a pestle.

Take the iron - oh, firstly a pestle.

MU627001 005

   Spoken: Pekeimpus    egkuwat        andu,  egpekeuma          e    riye  te  
   Formal: Pekeimpus    egkuwa     te  andu   egpekeuma          e    riye  te  
 Phonemic: peke­impus   ­egkua    #te  ­andu  ­egpeke­uma        ­e   die­  te  
  Lexemes: pAkA-=­impus ­eg- =kua #te  ­andu  ­eg- =pAkA-=­uma   ­e   die­  te  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   v_aff=v_rt#cmk n      v_aff=v_aff=v_rt   part dem   cmk 
Lex Gloss: INVOL=finish NP   =get #NF  pestle NP   =INVOL=arrive COMP there NF  
 Word POS: v            v         #cmk n      v                  part dem   cmk 
Wrd Gloss: finish       take      #-   pestle arrive             COMP there at  

   Spoken: baley teg bayung       - uyan  e    te  nihu,          andu   wey  
   Formal: baley te  egbayung     - uyan  e    te  nihu           andu   wey  
 Phonemic: baley te  ­egbayu¥     - ­uyan ­e   te  nigu           ­andu  wey  
  Lexemes: baley te  ­eg- =bayu¥  - ­uyan ­e   te  nigu           ­andu  wey  
  Lex POS: n     cmk v_aff=v_rt   - v_rt  part cmk n              n      conj 
Lex Gloss: house NF  NP   =accuse - carry COMP NF  winnowing_tray pestle and  
 Word POS: n     cmk v            - v     part cmk n              n      conj 
Wrd Gloss: house of  accuse       - carry COMP -   winnowing_tray pestle and  

   Spoken: hapuy. 
   Formal: hapuy  
 Phonemic: hapuy  
  Lexemes: hapuy  
  Lex POS: n      
Lex Gloss: fire   
 Word POS: n      
Wrd Gloss: fire   

Having got a pestle, arrive there at the house of the one who is accusing, take a winnowing tray, a pestle and fire.

Get a pestle and go to the house of the accuser with a winnowing tray, the pestle, and fire.

Fire is carried in small pieces of smouldering wood known as a "pupud". The winnowing tray is to fan the fire, the pestle is to be chopped up to make the fire.

MU627001 006

   Spoken: Pekeuma      riye  te  baley teg titihi                       
   Formal: Pekeuma      riye  te  baley te  egtitihi                     
 Phonemic: peke­uma     die­  te  baley te  ­egtitigi­                   
  Lexemes: pAkA-=­uma   die­  te  baley te  ­eg- =rdpCV-=tigi­           
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   dem   cmk n     cmk v_aff=v_aff =v_rt            
Lex Gloss: INVOL=arrive there NF  house NF  NP   =-     =prove_innocence 
 Word POS: v            dem   cmk n     cmk v                            
Wrd Gloss: arrive       there at  house of  prove_innocence              

   Spoken: egpanubad            e    - egkahi      e    te, "Hi, pamineg ka      
   Formal: egpanubad            e    - egkahi      e    te  Hi   pamineg ka      
 Phonemic: ­egpanubad           ­e   - ­egkagi     ­e   te  hi­  pamineg ka1     
  Lexemes: ­eg- =panubad        ­e   - ­eg- =kagi  ­e   te  hi­  pamineg ka1     
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt           part - v_aff=v_rt  part cmk ?    v_rt    pron    
Lex Gloss: NP   =pray/sacrifice COMP - NP   =speak COMP NF  hey  listen  2s_F    
 Word POS: v                    part - v           part cmk ?    v       pron    
Wrd Gloss: pray/sacrifice       COMP - say         COMP -   hey  listen  you(sg) 

   Spoken: seg tanud           ne  busew  te  tihian                ne  riye  
   Formal: se  egtanud         ne  busew  te  tihian                ne  riye  
 Phonemic: se  ­egtanud        ne  busew  te  tigi­an               ne  die­  
  Lexemes: se  ­eg- =tanud     ne  busew  te  tigi­          =-an   ne  die­  
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff=v_rt      lnk n      cmk v_rt           =v_aff lnk dem   
Lex Gloss: F   NP   =take_care LNK spirit NF  prove_innocence=LocF  LNK there 
 Word POS: cmk v               lnk n      cmk v                     lnk dem   
Wrd Gloss: the watch_over      -   spirit of  prove_innocence       -   there 

   Spoken: mig-ugpe     te  dibabet             langit     ne  sulew     ka      
   Formal: mig-ugpe     te  dibabe          te  langit     ne  sulew     ka      
 Phonemic: mig­ugpe­    te  dibabe­        #te  la¥it      ne  sulew     ka1     
  Lexemes: mig- =­ugpe­ te  di-  =babe­    #te  la¥it      ne  sulew     ka1     
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   cmk v_aff=prep_rt  #cmk n          lnk v_rt      pron    
Lex Gloss: P    =stay   NF  POS  =downriver#NF  sky/heaven LNK look_down 2s_F    
 Word POS: v            cmk n              #cmk n          lnk v         pron    
Wrd Gloss: lived        at  downstream     #of  sky        -   look_down you(sg) 

   Spoken: kuntee    sug        titihi                       a.   
   Formal: kuntee    su         egtitihi                     a    
 Phonemic: kunte­e   su         ­egtitigi­                   ­a   
  Lexemes: kunte­e   su         ­eg- =rdpCV-=tigi­           ­a   
  Lex POS: adv       conj       v_aff=v_aff =v_rt            pron 
Lex Gloss: now/today because/so NP   =-     =prove_innocence 1s_F 
 Word POS: adv       conj       v                            pron 
Wrd Gloss: now       because    prove_innocence              I    

When the one proving innocence has arrived at the house, he prays, he says, "Hey, listen you spirit who watches over those proving innocence who lives there above the sky, look down now because I am proving my innocence.

When the one proving innocence has arrived at the house, he prays by chanting, "Hey, you spirit who lives there above the sky and watches over those proving innocence - look down now because I want to prove my innocence.

The voice, rythm and intonation all changed with the prayer which is uttered in the form of a chant.

MU627001 007

   Spoken: Ne  diye  mig-ugpe     ne  busewt     tihian                te  
   Formal: Ne  diye  mig-ugpe     ne  busew  te  tihian                te  
 Phonemic: ne  die­  mig­ugpe­    ne  busew #te  tigi­an               te  
  Lexemes: ne  die­  mig- =­ugpe­ ne  busew #te  tigi­          =-an   te  
  Lex POS: lnk dem   v_aff=v_rt   lnk n     #cmk v_rt           =v_aff cmk 
Lex Gloss: LNK there P    =stay   LNK spirit#NF  prove_innocence=LocF  NF  
 Word POS: lnk dem   v            lnk n     #cmk v                     cmk 
Wrd Gloss: -   there lived        -   spirit#of  prove_innocence       -   

   Spoken: diralem          te  tane   ne  leng-ag ka      kuntee    su         
   Formal: diralem          te  tane   ne  leng-ag ka      kuntee    su         
 Phonemic: didalem          te  tane­  ne  le¥­ag  ka1     kunte­e   su         
  Lexemes: di-  =dalem      te  tane­  ne  le¥­ag  ka1     kunte­e   su         
  Lex POS: v_aff=prep_rt    cmk n      lnk v_rt    pron    adv       conj       
Lex Gloss: POS  =below/deep NF  earth  LNK look_up 2s_F    now/today because/so 
 Word POS: n                cmk n      lnk v       pron    adv       conj       
Wrd Gloss: depth            of  ground -   look_up you(sg) now       because    

   Spoken: titihi                 a."  
   Formal: titihi                 a    
 Phonemic: titigi­                ­a   
  Lexemes: rdpCV-=tigi­           ­a   
  Lex POS: v_aff =v_rt            pron 
Lex Gloss: -     =prove_innocence 1s_F 
 Word POS: v                      pron 
Wrd Gloss: prove_innocence        I    

And you spirit of proving innocence that lives there under the ground, look up now because I am proving innocence."

And you spirit of proving innocence that lives underground, look up because I want to prove my innocence.

There are two spirits involved here - the one in the sky and the one under the ground.

MU627001 008

   Spoken: Ne  meyi malehet     ne  keddi      seg kabayungan               ne  
   Formal: Ne  meyi malehet     ne  keddi      se  egkabayungan             ne  
 Phonemic: ne  mei­ maleget     ne  keddi­     se  ­egkabayu¥an             ne  
  Lexemes: ne  mei­ mA1-=leget  ne  keddi­     se  ­eg- =kA1- =bayu¥ =-an   ne  
  Lex POS: lnk conj aff =adj_rt lnk pron       cmk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff lnk 
Lex Gloss: LNK if   ADJR=true   LNK 1s_NF(III) F   NP   =INVOL=accuse=LocF  LNK 
 Word POS: lnk conj adj         lnk pron       cmk v                        lnk 
Wrd Gloss: -   if   correct     -   I          the be_accused               -   

   Spoken: matamped             ka      se  belad ku        te  putew. 
   Formal: matamped             ka      se  belad ku        te  putew  
 Phonemic: matamped             ka1     se  belad ku        te  putew  
  Lexemes: mA2-     =tamped     ka1     se  belad ku        te  putew  
  Lex POS: v_aff    =v_rt       pron    cmk n     pron      cmk n      
Lex Gloss: INVOL_UnA=cut_in_two 2s_F    F   arm   1s_NF(II) NF  metal  
 Word POS: v                    pron    cmk n     poss_pron cmk n      
Wrd Gloss: cut_off              you(sg) the arm   my        -   iron   

And if it's correct that I am the accused, then my hand will be cut in two by the iron.

And if it's correct that I have committed a wrong as accused, then my hand will be cut in two by the (red hot) iron.

The iron is first heated in the fire made by burning the pestle.

I'm not sure that the 'ka' really belongs before the 'se' - check!

MU627001 009

   Spoken: Ne  meyi ware  ne  sikuna  ma   iya  seg tanud           ne  busew  
   Formal: Ne  meyi ware  ne  sikuna  ma   iya  se  egtanud         ne  busew  
 Phonemic: ne  mei­ wade­ ne  sikuna  ma   ­ia  se  ­egtanud        ne  busew  
  Lexemes: ne  mei­ wade­ ne  sikuna  ma   ­ia  se  ­eg- =tanud     ne  busew  
  Lex POS: lnk conj adv   lnk pron    part part cmk v_aff=v_rt      lnk n      
Lex Gloss: LNK if   no    LNK 1s_F    DIM  that F   NP   =take_care LNK spirit 
 Word POS: lnk conj adv   lnk pron    part part cmk v               lnk n      
Wrd Gloss: -   if   none  -   you(sg) DIM  that the watch_over      -   spirit 

   Spoken: te  tihian                kag gusey.      
   Formal: te  tihian                ka  eggusey     
 Phonemic: te  tigi­an               ka2 ­eghusey    
  Lexemes: te  tigi­          =-an   ka2 ­eg- =husey 
  Lex POS: cmk v_rt           =v_aff cmk v_aff=v_rt  
Lex Gloss: NF  prove_innocence=LocF  F   NP   =judge 
 Word POS: cmk v                     cmk v           
Wrd Gloss: of  prove_innocence       the mediate     

And if none, you are the one who will take care of it, you spirit of proving innocence you mediate.

And if I haven't sinned, you spirit of proving innocence be the one to take care of it and mediate.

MU627001 010

   Spoken: Pekeimpus,   kag panubad              kikiyab     ad             e.   
   Formal: Pekeimpus    ka  egpanubad            kikiyab     ad             e    
 Phonemic: peke­impus   ka2 ­egpanubad           kikiab      ­ad            ­e   
  Lexemes: pAkA-=­impus ka2 ­eg- =panubad        rdpCV-=kiab ­a   =-d       ­e   
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt   cmk v_aff=v_rt           v_aff =v_rt pron =nonv_aff part 
Lex Gloss: INVOL=finish F   NP   =pray/sacrifice -     =fan  1s_F =COMPL    COMP 
 Word POS: v            cmk v                    v           pron           part 
Wrd Gloss: finish       the pray/sacrifice       fan         I_COMPL        COMP 

After the one praying has finished, I fan (the fire).

After the one praying has finished, I fan the fire.

MU627001 011

   Spoken: Ne  meyi malehet     ne  migpanakew        a,   egmalalab         e    
   Formal: Ne  meyi malehet     ne  migpanakew        a    egmalalab         e    
 Phonemic: ne  mei­ maleget     ne  migpanakew        ­a   ­egmalalab        ­e   
  Lexemes: ne  mei­ mA1-=leget  ne  mig- =paN- =takew ­a   ­eg- =mA1-=lalab  ­e   
  Lex POS: lnk conj aff =adj_rt lnk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  pron v_aff=aff =adj_rt part 
Lex Gloss: LNK if   ADJR=true   LNK P    =DISTR=steal 1s_F NP   =ADJR=red    COMP 
 Word POS: lnk conj adj         lnk v                 pron v                 part 
Wrd Gloss: -   if   correct     -   stole             I    become_red        COMP 

   Spoken: ka  putew. 
   Formal: ka  putew  
 Phonemic: ka2 putew  
  Lexemes: ka2 putew  
  Lex POS: cmk n      
Lex Gloss: F   metal  
 Word POS: cmk n      
Wrd Gloss: the iron   

Now if it's true that I stole, the iron will become red.

Now if it's true that I was the thief, the iron will become red.

MU627001 012

   Spoken: Gen-genan    ku        ka  putew egkatamped             e    ka  belad 
   Formal: gen-genan    ku        ka  putew egkatamped             e    ka  belad 
 Phonemic: gengenan     ku        ka2 putew ­egkatamped            ­e   ka2 belad 
  Lexemes: gengen=-an   ku        ka2 putew ­eg- =kA1- =tamped     ­e   ka2 belad 
  Lex POS: v_rt  =v_aff pron      cmk n     v_aff=v_aff=v_rt       part cmk n     
Lex Gloss: hold  =LocF  1s_NF(II) F   metal NP   =INVOL=cut_in_two COMP F   arm   
 Word POS: v            pron      cmk n     v                      part cmk n     
Wrd Gloss: hold         I         the iron  become_cut_in_two      COMP the arm   

   Spoken: ku        ke   malehet     ne  migpanakew        a.   
   Formal: ku        ke   malehet     ne  migpanakew        a    
 Phonemic: ku        ke   maleget     ne  migpanakew        ­a   
  Lexemes: ku        ke   mA1-=leget  ne  mig- =paN- =takew ­a   
  Lex POS: pron      conj aff =adj_rt lnk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  pron 
Lex Gloss: 1s_NF(II) if   ADJR=true   LNK P    =DISTR=steal 1s_F 
 Word POS: poss_pron conj adj         lnk v                 pron 
Wrd Gloss: my        if   correct     -   stole             I    

I hold the iron. My arm cuts in two if it is correct that I stole.

I grab the iron. If it's true that I had stolen, my arm cuts into two.

MU627001 013

   Spoken: Ne  meyi wara   a    migpanakew        ka  putew keneg  
   Formal: Ne  meyi wara   a    migpanakew        ka  putew kene   
 Phonemic: ne  mei­ wade­  ­a   migpanakew        ka2 putew kene­  
  Lexemes: ne  mei­ wade­  ­a   mig- =paN- =takew ka2 putew kene­  
  Lex POS: lnk conj adv    pron v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  cmk n     adv    
Lex Gloss: LNK if   no     1s_F P    =DISTR=steal F   metal not    
 Word POS: lnk conj adv    pron v                 cmk n     adv    
Wrd Gloss: -   if   didn't I    stole             the iron  didn't 

   Spoken: malalab           su         egmeilem.             
   Formal: egmalalab         su         egmeilem              
 Phonemic: ­egmalalab        su         ­egme­ilem            
  Lexemes: ­eg- =mA1-=lalab  su         ­eg- =mA1-=­ilem      
  Lex POS: v_aff=aff =adj_rt conj       v_aff=aff =adj_rt     
Lex Gloss: NP   =ADJR=red    because/so NP   =ADJR=blue/green 
 Word POS: v                 conj       v                     
Wrd Gloss: become_red        because    become_blue/green     

Now if I didn't steal, the iron doesn't become red because it becomes blue/green.

But if I hadn't stolen anything, the iron doesn't become red, but stays dark coloured.

MU627001 014

   Spoken: Ne  gen-genan    ku        egmalurek.          
   Formal: Ne  gen-genan    ku        egmalurek           
 Phonemic: ne  gengenan     ku        ­egmaludek          
  Lexemes: ne  gengen=-an   ku        ­eg- =mA1-=ludek    
  Lex POS: lnk v_rt  =v_aff pron      v_aff=aff =adj_rt   
Lex Gloss: LNK hold  =LocF  1s_NF(II) NP   =ADJR=slippery 
 Word POS: lnk v            pron      v                   
Wrd Gloss: -   hold         I         become_slippery     

And I hold it and it becomes slippery.

When I hold it, it becomes slippery.

MU627001 015

   Spoken: Ke  kug       kasapenan               teg gen-gen.     
   Formal: Ke  ku        egkasapenan             te  eggen-gen    
 Phonemic: ke­ ku        ­egkasapenan            te  ­eggengen    
  Lexemes: ke­ ku        ­eg- =kA1- =sapen=-an   te  ­eg- =gengen 
  Lex POS: adv pron      v_aff=v_aff=v_rt =v_aff cmk v_aff=v_rt   
Lex Gloss: not 1s_NF(II) NP   =INVOL=catch=LocF  NF  NP   =hold   
 Word POS: adv pron      v                       cmk v            
Wrd Gloss: not I         grasp                   -   touch/hold   

I won't be able to grasp it.

I won't be able to grasp it.

MU627001 016

   Spoken: Su         sikan   de   iya  ka  guhuren          ku        te    
   Formal: su         sikan   de   iya  ka  guhuren          ku        te    
 Phonemic: su         sikan   de­  ­ia  ka2 guguden          ku        te    
  Lexemes: su         sika=-N de­  ­ia  ka2 gugud     =-en   ku        te    
  Lex POS: conj       pron=– adt  part cmk v_rt      =v_aff pron      cmk   
Lex Gloss: because/so that=– only that F   tell_story=ObF   1s_NF(II) NF    
 Word POS: conj       dem     adt  part cmk n                poss_pron cmk   
Wrd Gloss: because    that    just that the story            my        about 

   Spoken: kanamin         batasan    te  Matigsalug               ne  eyew    
   Formal: kanami      ne  batasan    te  Matigsalug               ne  eyew    
 Phonemic: kanami     #ne  batasan    te  Matigsalug               ne  ­eyew   
  Lexemes: kanami     #ne  batasan    te  Matigsalug               ne  ­eyew   
  Lex POS: pron       #lnk n          cmk prop_n                   lnk conj    
Lex Gloss: 1pe_NF(III)#LNK custom/law NF  those_by_the_Salug_river LNK so_that 
 Word POS: pron       #lnk n          cmk prop_n                   lnk conj    
Wrd Gloss: we(excl)   #-   custom/law of  Matigsalug               -   so_that 

   Spoken: manengnengi                        te  diye  mig-ugpet        duman     
   Formal: manengnengi                        te  diye  mig-ugpe     te  duma  ne  
 Phonemic: mane¥ne¥i                          te  die­  mig­ugpe­   #te  duma #ne  
  Lexemes: mA2-     =ne¥ne¥         =-i       te  die­  mig- =­ugpe­#te  duma #ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff    =v_rt           =v_aff    cmk dem   v_aff=v_rt  #cmk adj  #lnk 
Lex Gloss: INVOL_UnA=know/understand=UnA_LocF NF  there P    =stay  #NF  other#LNK 
 Word POS: v                                  cmk dem   v           #cmk adj  #lnk 
Wrd Gloss: will_understand                    by  there lived       #in  other#-   

   Spoken: inged.  
   Formal: inged   
 Phonemic: ­i¥ed   
  Lexemes: ­i¥ed   
  Lex POS: n       
Lex Gloss: village 
 Word POS: n       
Wrd Gloss: village 

So that's my story about our custom of Matigsalugs so that the people who live in other places will be able to understand.

So that's my story about our Matigsalug custom so that people who live in other places will be able to understand.

MU627001 017

   Spoken: Kayi re   iya  taman.    
   Formal: Kayi re   iya  taman     
 Phonemic: kai  de­  ­ia  taman     
  Lexemes: kai  de­  ­ia  taman     
  Lex POS: dem  adt  part adv       
Lex Gloss: here only that until     
 Word POS: dem  adt  part ?         
Wrd Gloss: here just that as_far_as 

Just here is as far as it goes.

That's all.

Asked further about testing innocence by holding underwater.

MU627001 019

   Spoken: Seini  ne  maselem,   eg  - iyang kug       katanuran                   
   Formal: Seini  ne  maselem    *** - iyan  ku        egkatanuran                 
 Phonemic: se­ini ne  maselem    *** - ­ian  ku        ­egkatanudan                
  Lexemes: se­ini ne  mA1-=selem *** - ­ian  ku        ­eg- =kA1- =tanud    =-an   
  Lex POS: pron   lnk aff =v_rt  *** - dem   pron      v_aff=v_aff=v_rt     =v_aff 
Lex Gloss: this   LNK ADJR=early *** - that  1s_NF(II) NP   =INVOL=take_care=LocF  
 Word POS: pron   lnk n          *** - dem   pron      v                           
Wrd Gloss: this   -   morning    *** - that  I         watch_over                  

   Spoken: se  igkarangeb            ne  batasan    ney        teg 
   Formal: se  igkarangeb            ne  batasan    ney        te  
 Phonemic: se  ­igkada¥eb            ne  batasan    ney        te  
  Lexemes: se  ­igkA-       =da¥eb   ne  batasan    ney        te  
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff        =adj     lnk n          pron       cmk 
Lex Gloss: F   NP_INVOL_AccF=another LNK custom/law 1pe_NF(II) NF  
 Word POS: cmk adj                   lnk n          pron       cmk 
Wrd Gloss: the other/second          -   custom/law ours(excl) -   

   Spoken: titihi.                      
   Formal: egtitihi                     
 Phonemic: ­egtitigi­                   
  Lexemes: ­eg- =rdpCV-=tigi­           
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_aff =v_rt            
Lex Gloss: NP   =-     =prove_innocence 
 Word POS: v                            
Wrd Gloss: prove_innocence              

This morning, I will watch over the second custom of ours to prove innocence.

This morning I will explain our second custom of proving innocence.

MU627001 020

   Spoken: Ka  igkarangeb            ne  batasan    ney        diye  te  
   Formal: Ka  igkarangeb            ne  batasan    ney        diye  te  
 Phonemic: ka2 ­igkada¥eb            ne  batasan    ney        die­  te  
  Lexemes: ka2 ­igkA-       =da¥eb   ne  batasan    ney        die­  te  
  Lex POS: cmk v_aff        =adj     lnk n          pron       dem   cmk 
Lex Gloss: F   NP_INVOL_AccF=another LNK custom/law 1pe_NF(II) there NF  
 Word POS: cmk adj                   lnk n          pron       dem   cmk 
Wrd Gloss: the other/second          -   custom/law ours(excl) there at  

   Spoken: weyig.      
   Formal: weyig       
 Phonemic: weig        
  Lexemes: weig        
  Lex POS: n           
Lex Gloss: water/river 
 Word POS: n           
Wrd Gloss: river       

Our other custom is there at the river.

Our other custom is there at the river.

MU627001 021

   Spoken: Meyi daruwa     kag kabayungan,              pendiyet          
   Formal: Meyi daruwa     ka  egkabayungan             peendiye      te  
 Phonemic: mei­ dadua      ka2 ­egkabayu¥an             pehendie­    #te  
  Lexemes: mei­ rdpCa-=dua ka2 ­eg- =kA1- =bayu¥ =-an   pehendie­    #te  
  Lex POS: conj num_af=num cmk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff ?            #cmk 
Lex Gloss: if   -     =two F   NP   =INVOL=accuse=LocF  towards_there#NF  
 Word POS: conj n          cmk v                        adj          #cmk 
Wrd Gloss: if   two        the be_accused               towards_there#-   

   Spoken: tatelu,      due      daruwan        datu       ne  egtameng.       
   Formal: tatelu       due      daruwa     ne  datu       ne  egtameng        
 Phonemic: tatelu       du­e1    dadua     #ne  datu­      ne  ­egtame¥        
  Lexemes: rdpCa-=telu  du­e1    rdpCa-=dua#ne  datu­      ne  ­eg- =tame¥     
  Lex POS: num_af=num   psd_v    num_af=num#lnk n          lnk v_aff=v_rt      
Lex Gloss: -     =three there_is -     =two#LNK chief/rich LNK NP   =supervise 
 Word POS: num          psd_v    n         #lnk n          lnk v               
Wrd Gloss: three        there_is two       #-   chieftain  -   supervise       

If there are two accused, or as many as three, two datus will supervise.

If there are two accused, or as many as three, two datus will supervise.

MU627001 022

   Spoken: Eggen-genan        ka  ulu  te  tatelu       ne  etew   neg 
   Formal: Eggen-genan        ka  ulu  te  tatelu       ne  etew   ne  
 Phonemic: ­eggengenan        ka2 ­ulu te  tatelu       ne  ­etew  ne  
  Lexemes: ­eg- =gengen=-an   ka2 ­ulu te  rdpCa-=telu  ne  ­etew  ne  
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff cmk n    cmk num_af=num   lnk n      lnk 
Lex Gloss: NP   =hold  =LocF  F   head NF  -     =three LNK person LNK 
 Word POS: v                  cmk n    cmk num          lnk n      lnk 
Wrd Gloss: hold               the head of  three        -   people -   

   Spoken: panubad              e    ka  datu.      
   Formal: egpanubad            e    ka  datu       
 Phonemic: ­egpanubad           ­e   ka2 datu­      
  Lexemes: ­eg- =panubad        ­e   ka2 datu­      
  Lex POS: v_aff=v_rt           part cmk n          
Lex Gloss: NP   =pray/sacrifice COMP F   chief/rich 
 Word POS: v                    part cmk n          
Wrd Gloss: pray/sacrifice       COMP the chieftain  

He touches the head of the three people and the datu prays.

The datu(s) touches the heads of the three people and prays.

MU627001 023

   Spoken: Te  meyi kahi   "Hentew kag pekewun-ag  pakalepew,         sika 
   Formal: Te  meyi kahi   Hentew  ka  pekewun-a   egpakalepew        sika 
 Phonemic: te  mei­ kagi   hentew  ka2 pekehun­a   ­egpakalepew       sika 
  Lexemes: te  mei­ kagi   hentew  ka2 pAkA-=hun­a ­eg- =pAkA-=lepew  sika 
  Lex POS: cmk conj v_rt   pron    cmk v_aff=v_rt  v_aff=v_aff=v_rt   pron 
Lex Gloss: NF  if   speak  who     F   INVOL=first NP   =INVOL=appear that 
 Word POS: cmk conj v      pron    cmk v           v                  pron 
Wrd Gloss: -   if   gossip who     the first       appear             that 

   Spoken: ka  malehet     ne  miggimatey."  
   Formal: ka  malehet     ne  miggimatey    
 Phonemic: ka2 maleget     ne  mighimatey    
  Lexemes: ka2 mA1-=leget  ne  mig- =himatey 
  Lex POS: cmk aff =adj_rt lnk v_aff=v_rt    
Lex Gloss: F   ADJR=true   LNK P    =kill    
 Word POS: cmk adj         lnk v             
Wrd Gloss: the correct     -   killed        

He says, "Whoever is the first to appear, he is the correct one who killed."

He says, "The first one to surface is the correct killer."

MU627001 024

   Spoken: Neg seelen            e    taman     te  tatelu       neg lenep          
   Formal: ne  egseelen          e    taman     te  tatelu       ne  eglenep        
 Phonemic: ne  ­egse­elen        ­e   taman     te  tatelu       ne  ­eglenep       
  Lexemes: ne  ­eg- =se­el=-en   ­e   taman     te  rdpCa-=telu  ne  ­eg- =lenep    
  Lex POS: lnk v_aff=v_rt =v_aff part adv       cmk num_af=num   lnk v_aff=v_rt     
Lex Gloss: LNK NP   =count=ObF   COMP until     NF  -     =three LNK NP   =submerse 
 Word POS: lnk v                 part ?         cmk num          lnk v              
Wrd Gloss: -   count             COMP as_far_as to  three        -   submerse       

   Spoken: e    ka  tatelun          etew   ne  egkabayungan.            
   Formal: e    ka  tatelu       ne  etew   ne  egkabayungan             
 Phonemic: ­e   ka2 tatelu      #ne  ­etew  ne  ­egkabayu¥an             
  Lexemes: ­e   ka2 rdpCa-=telu #ne  ­etew  ne  ­eg- =kA1- =bayu¥ =-an   
  Lex POS: part cmk num_af=num  #lnk n      lnk v_aff=v_aff=v_rt  =v_aff 
Lex Gloss: COMP F   -     =three#LNK person LNK NP   =INVOL=accuse=LocF  
 Word POS: part cmk num         #lnk n      lnk v                        
Wrd Gloss: COMP the three       #-   people -   be_accused               

And he counts to three and the three people that are accused go under water.

So he counts to three and the three accused go under the water.

The count is for them to take a breath.

MU627001 025

   Spoken: Ne  sikan   de   iya  ka  igkarangeb            ne  batasan    
   Formal: Ne  sikan   de   iya  ka  igkarangeb            ne  batasan    
 Phonemic: ne  sikan   de­  ­ia  ka2 ­igkada¥eb            ne  batasan    
  Lexemes: ne  sika=-N de­  ­ia  ka2 ­igkA-       =da¥eb   ne  batasan    
  Lex POS: lnk pron=– adt  part cmk v_aff        =adj     lnk n          
Lex Gloss: LNK that=– only that F   NP_INVOL_AccF=another LNK custom/law 
 Word POS: lnk dem     adt  part cmk adj                   lnk n          
Wrd Gloss: -   that    just that the other/second          -   custom/law 

   Spoken: ney        teg titihi.                      
   Formal: ney        te  egtitihi                     
 Phonemic: ney        te  ­egtitigi­                   
  Lexemes: ney        te  ­eg- =rdpCV-=tigi­           
  Lex POS: pron       cmk v_aff=v_aff =v_rt            
Lex Gloss: 1pe_NF(II) NF  NP   =-     =prove_innocence 
 Word POS: pron       cmk v                            
Wrd Gloss: ours(excl) of  prove_innocence              

And just that is our other custom of proving innocence.

And so that's our other way of proving innocence.